September 10 – Honduran Children’s Day

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  • In Honduras, Children’s Day is celebrated on September 10. A celebration that is part of the popular culture of the country.

    To celebrate this day of the most important people in Honduras, kindergarten and elementary schools celebrate with piñatas and cake. Politicians on duty take the opportunity to give away toys and piñatas and get a photo with characters so important to the future of a nation. Families go out in groups to the shopping centers to eat and enjoy their time together.

    The celebration of Children’s Day in Honduras stems from the Declaration of Geneva, which was approved in 1924 by the League of Nations in order to recognize the right of all minors worldwide, and by which the Day was decreed Universal del Niño on November 20.

    However, in 1954, the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), through resolution 836 (IX) of December 14, recommended that a Universal Children’s Day be instituted in all countries , but suggested that each government chose the date it would celebrate.

    In this context, on May 31, 1990, Honduras ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child through decree number 75-90, as an instrument that brings together the essential principles to guarantee childhood access to their general well-being and established the September 10 as Children’s Day.

    To reinforce the struggle, four years later,  in 1996, the Code of Childhood and Adolescence was approved in the country with the objective of generating comprehensive protection of children in the terms established by the Constitution and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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