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Municipality of Santa Ana de Yusguare

It is a municipality in the Department of Choluteca, in the Republic of Honduras.

It was founded by indigenous people in a place called Las Calderas, where some vestiges can still be found, but the reason that forced its inhabitants to move from the place is unknown. In the population count of 1791, it appears as the town of Yusguare of the curate of Choluteca. By 1895, it is already recorded as a municipality under the name Santa Ana.

General Information about Santa Ana de Yusguare

Origin of its name: Santa Ana, after its patron saint, and Yusguare which in Mesoamerican language means: «water of the flowers.»

  • Territorial area: 74.30 km2
  • Population: 14,290 inhabitants (2012)
  • Date of creation: 1791
  • Patron saint fair: July 26, feast day of Santa Ana.
  • Villages and hamlets: 6 villages and 28 hamlets. Altitude: 72 meters above sea level.
  • Climate: transitional with low rainfall.

Main Economic Activity

Cultivation of sugarcane, forage sorghum, coffee, pineapple, soybean, onion, basic grains, vegetables, and citrus fruits; breeding of pigs, cattle, horses, and goats; poultry farming and rabbit breeding.


  • Health: 2 CESAR (Rural Health Care Centers) and 1 CESAMO (Municipal Health Care Center).
  • Education: 3 centers of basic education, 12 primary education centers, and 11 kindergartens.
  • Transportation: buses.


It is located in the coastal plain of the Pacific, with its head located to the east of the Sampile River.


  • North: municipality of Choluteca;
  • South: municipalities of Namasigüe and El Corpus;
  • East: municipality of El Corpus;
  • West: municipality of Choluteca.

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