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Municipality of Valladolid

Valladolid is a municipality in the Department of Lempira in Honduras.

To reach this municipality, one must travel via Santa Rosa de Copán-San Marcos de Ocotepeque-Cololaca-Tambla-Valladolid.

It was founded in the location where the village of Los Patios is situated, under the name «Colopel.» It was later relocated to the area of Los Naranjos, where it is currently located, with the name Valladolid, with people arriving from Guarita. In the 1887 census, it already appears as a municipality in the Guarita District.


Valladolid is situated on top of a mountain and surrounded by steep cliffs. The predominant forest in the area is pine, which contributes to a fairly cool climate. The soils and rocks have volcanic origins, which can be seen in the road cuts. Unfortunately, as the population grows, the forests are being reduced.


The municipality of Valladolid has the following boundaries: to the north, it borders the municipality of Tambla; to the south, the municipality of La Virtud. To the east, it borders the municipalities of San Andrés and Gualcince; and to the west, the municipalities of Guarita and San Juan Guarita.

  • Land area: 74 km²


Valladolid is another coffee-producing municipality in the department, given its elevation above sea level. The grocery trade and various merchandise occupy the second place in economic activities. As for livestock and the cultivation of maize and beans, they are primarily for local consumption. In some cases, various types of bananas can be found. The municipality now has electricity and mobile communication services.


In the case of Valladolid, 90% of the population consists of mestizo individuals, with many individuals of white skin.

  • Population: In 2001, this municipality had a population of 3,646 inhabitants. Estimates from the INE Honduras project a total of 3,652 people.
  • Hamlets: 12
  • Hamlets: 44


This journey takes approximately 2.5 hours. Just before reaching the municipality, there is a mountain ascent, which requires great care as there is a very deep precipice and the road is not in the best condition. The narrow curves along the road should also be mentioned.
Valladolid has several cobblestone streets and many pine trees, which create a tranquil atmosphere. Its inhabitants are very friendly and attentive to visitors.

  • Patron Saint Festival: On June 13th, in honor of Saint Anthony.

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