Municipality of Yuscarán

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  • It is a municipality in the department of El Paraíso, in the Republic of Honduras.

    The first records of Yuscarán date back to the year 1730, which is when the mining deposits in the area known as San José de Yuscarán were discovered, and it became administratively dependent on the Mayor’s Office of Tegucigalpa, as shown by the first division territorial of 1825.

    When the department of El Paraíso was created in 1869, Yuscarán acquired the category of municipality and at the same time of municipal seat; although in the year 1872 it was suppressed, being reestablished in 1874. After being a mining center, it became a center for the production of liquor, generating important profits for the state of Honduras.

    Territorial surface: 348.90 km2

    Population: 17,172 inhabitants (2012)

    Creation date: emerges as departmental head on May 28, 1869

    Patronal Fair: from December 7 to 13, the day of the Immaculate Conception.

    Origin of its name: it means “place of flower house”.

    Location: located at the foot of the Monserrat mountain.

    Villages and hamlets: 18 villages and 75 hamlets.

    Altitude: 900 meters above sea level.

    Main economic activity: cultivation of sugar cane, coffee, basic grains, mango and vegetables; raising of cattle, horses and pigs; poultry farming.


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