October 3 – Soldier’s Day

In the year 1942, to commemorate the merit of the homeland and the heroic defenders of the nation, the Honduran National Congress declared, through decree No. 49, the anniversary of the birth of General Francisco Morazán as Honduran Soldier’s Day as it is a duty of the State. «pay homage to the memory of the illustrious citizens who sacrificed their lives for the Homeland,» as the Honduran hero did.

October 3 is a holiday in Honduras, which since the government of president Juan Orlando Hernandez, has been joined with October 12 and 21 to give three days of vacation to what is known as Morazánica week, which is usually be the first or second week of the month, to promote domestic tourism in Honduras.

For the Honduran Armed Forces it is an important day to remember the Honduran Soldiers Fallen in service of the country and the birth of General Francisco Morazán, considered to this day, the Honduran Soldier Par Excellence.

National Heroes and National Symbols of Honduras
Statue of General Francisco Morazán in downtown Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Biography of Francisco Morazán – Hero of Honduras

Decree of the Day of the Honduran Soldier and Birth of Francisco Morazán – October 3



WHEREAS: That the institution of arms constitutes the sustaining foundation of the nations, and that in our country it is represented by the Honduran soldier;

WHEREAS: It is a duty of the State to pay homage to the memory of the illustrious citizens who sacrificed their lives for the Homeland, who, like General Francisco Morazán, died to support the Union of Central America;

WHEREAS: That the Honduran hero General Francisco Morazán is an unsurpassed model of honor, self-sacrifice and sacrifice,


Article 1 – Declare «Day of the Honduran Soldier», on October 3, anniversary of the birth of General «Francisco Morazán».

Article 2 – This Decree will take effect from the day of its promulgation.

Given in Tegucigalpa, DC, in the Sessions Hall, on February 5, 1942.

(f) Plutarco Muñoz, President. (f) Vicente Cáceres, Secretary. (f) Fernando Zepeda, Secretary.

To the Executive Power

Therefore: Run.

Tegucigalpa, DC, February 5, 1942.

The Secretary of State in the Offices of War, Navy and Aviation.

(f) Juan Manuel Galvez.