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Enjoy the beach and the sea with your family in Amapala

A site of great historical value for the country is the Isla del Tigre, which in the past was the seat of the Honduran government, a refuge for pirates and the most important port in the Pacific for Honduras. Today it is a beautiful and quiet island, with a lot of atmosphere, a great history and an excellent place from which to discover part of the history of Honduras, in its wake, without pressure and surrounded by a unique nature and exceptional beauty.

The most important community on Isla del Tigre is the city of Amapala, a beautiful colonial port that in its time was an important commercial center and that today is a small fishing community, as a result of the main port being transferred to San Lorenzo.

Enjoy the beach and the sea with your family in Amapala, Honduras
Amapala Malecon

Where to stay in Amapala?

In Amapala there is a small lodging, as well as several restaurants. There is a path that goes around the island, and that you can follow to reach the two most popular beaches: Playa Grande and Playa Negra. In Playa Grande there are a variety of champas that offer restaurant service and sale of soft drinks and cold beers. In Playa Negra is the best hotel on the island, which has a restaurant bar as well as a swimming pool and air-conditioned rooms. The hotel is called Hotel Playa Negra.

How to get to Amapala?

To visit the Isla del Tigre and Amapala, you have to reach the fishing community of Coyolito, located on the coast, between San Lorenzo and Jícaro Galán. If you don’t have a car, you can take a bus from Choluteca or San Lorenzo. From Coyolito you can hire a boat, which will take you to Amapala on a trip that will last less than 30 minutes and will cost you approximately 35 lempiras per person each way.

There is also a path that takes you to the highest part of the island, from where you can enjoy a splendid view, which covers the entire gulf. From Amapala there is a more or less regular boat service that goes to La Unión, in the neighboring country of El Salvador. The journey lasts less than an hour and if you decide to leave for El Salvador, you can obtain the exit stamp in your passport at the local immigration offices, located on the main dock.

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