October 12 – Columbus Day

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  • On October 12 of each year, the Day of the Race is celebrated in Honduras, whose name was named in most of the Spanish-American countries in commemoration of the sighting of land by the sailor Rodrigo de Triana in 1492, after having sailed for more than two months. under the command of Christopher Columbus to what would later be called America.

    In Honduras , this holiday was established by decree in March 1914 (see decree below) by President Francisco Bertrand and Secretary of State Froylán Turcios. But the ideologue of it was the Spanish Faustino Rodríguez-San Pedro, who served as president of the Ibero-American Union. In 1913 he thought of a celebration that would unite Spain and Latin America and chose October 12.

    This commemorative party is generally held in Latin America and was created to commemorate the birth of a new identity product of the meeting and fusion of the original peoples of the American continent and the Spanish colonizers, in addition to the enhancement of the Hispanic American cultural heritage.

    However, over the years, various critical voices have been raised regarding the festival, considering that the “discovery” of America and the subsequent conquest and colonization of the continent by European powers was a genocide that subdued and destroyed the pre-Columbian cultures.

    This debate has caused various changes in the current commemoration of October 12 in several Latin American countries, where attempts have been made to vindicate native cultures or tolerance between cultures on that date.

    Decree creating Columbus Day as a national holiday

    Agreement No. 86


    CONSIDERING: That it is a duty of high public culture to commemorate and perpetuate the glorious fact of the Discovery of America, declaring a National Holiday, October 12, the anniversary of that momentous event in order to pay a tribute of just admiration to the discoverer of the New World.


    Sole Article: Declare a National Holiday on October 12, ANNIVERSARY OF THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA in homage to the memory of the immortal sailor Christopher Columbus.

    Pedro A. Medal

    To the Executive Branch:

    Therefore RUN:

    Tegucigalpa, March 27, 1914.

    Francisco Bertrand

    Froylán Turcios
    Secretary of State in the Office of the Interior by Law.

    12 de Octubre - Día de la Hispanidad
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