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Geography and Demography of Valle de Angeles

The SGJ, through the General Directorate of Local Strengthening (DGFL), classifies the municipality of Valle de Ángeles as category «B» based on its progress in the context of municipal development, with a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.689.

Valle de Ángeles is one of the 28 municipalities that make up the department of Francisco Morazán.

Geographical Location

The municipality of Valle de Ángeles is located in the department of Francisco Morazán, in the northeastern sector. It has a land area of 105.95 km2, representing 1.23% of the department’s territory. The municipality is divided administratively into seven villages and 43 hamlets (INE 2001).

Municipal Boundaries

  • North: Municipality of Distrito Central, Francisco Morazán
  • South: Municipality of San Antonio de Oriente, Francisco Morazán
  • East: Municipality of Morocelí, El Paraíso, and Municipality of Villa de San Francisco, Francisco Morazán
  • West: Municipality of Santa Lucía, Francisco Morazán

Communication Routes

The main access road is the paved highway that leads from Tegucigalpa to Valle de Ángeles. This same road also connects to San Juan de Flores, Talanga, and Villa de San Francisco. The unpaved road network spans a total length of 193 kilometers. These roads are classified as secondary and tertiary networks based on accessibility and are generally in regular condition. However, some villages and hamlets are connected by seasonal roads, which means they are not accessible to vehicles during the rainy season.


According to projections from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Valle de Ángeles had a population of approximately 14,235 inhabitants in 2009. Population projections from 2001 to 2009 are shown in Table 5 (INE 2002?). Valle de Ángeles has a population density of 134 inhabitants per km2, with an intercensal population growth rate of 3.6% (INE 2001).
It is important to highlight that the majority of the population in the municipality is considered rural. They are concentrated in small population centers with limited access to basic services. Valle de Ángeles is divided into seven villages: Valle de Ángeles, Cerro Grande, El Guanacaste, El Liquidámbar, La Sabaneta, Las Cañadas, and Río Abajo or Playas. Each village includes a specific number of hamlets.

No. Village Hamlets / Neighborhoods
1 Valle de Ángeles El Centro, Zunteco, Arriba, Abajo, Tablón Abajo, Tablón Arriba, El Carmelo, La Esperanza, La Leona, El Zarzal, El Cantón, La Quinta, La Cimbra, Mira Valle, El Molino, Los Lirios, La Pozona, Piedra de Afilar, La Escondida, Las Golondrinas, Pinares del Valle, La Sucia, Las Quebraditas, Buena Vista, and Colonia el Banco
2 Cerro Grande Las Tres Rosas, Valle Verde, Paso del Ganado, Cerro Grande, El Retiro, Pie del Pichingo, Macuelizo, La Rastra, El Amatillo, and Los Corrales
3 El Guanacaste Las Guayabillas, Guanacaste, El Guayabo, and Jocomico
4 El Liquidámbar El Socorro, El Portillo, El Liquidámbar
5 La Sabaneta Chinacla, Chiquistepe, El Manteado, and Sabanetas
6 Las Cañadas Chagüitío, El Sauce, Altos de la Cañada, and Quebrada Honda
7 Río Abajo or Las Playas Río Abajo and Plan Grande

Source: DCVA 2004
Human Settlements in the Municipality of Valle de Ángeles

No. Neighborhoods and Colonies Villages Hamlets
1 El Zarzal Valle de Ángeles Valle de Ángeles El Guanacaste
2 El Edén Cerro Grande Barrio el Cantón El Estribo
3 Zunteco El Guanacaste Buena Vista El Guayabo
4 Broquel El Liquidámbar El Bosque El Jocosito
5 Abajo La Sabaneta El Plantel Las Guayabillas
6 Centro Las Cañadas El Porvenir El Liquidámbar
7 Barrio Arriba Río Abajo or Playas El Tablón Arriba Chinacla
8 El Mineral El Zarzal El Socorro
9 Cantón La Escondida La Rastra
10 El Carmelo La Mina La Sabaneta
11 La Escondida Las Quebraditas Chiquistepe
12 Tablón Arriba Los Lagos or Varillas El Manteado
13 Tablón Abajo San Francisco Las Cañadas
14 La Cimbra La Soledad El Amatillo No.1
15 Mira Valle Cerro Grande El Amatillo No.2
16 Gracias a Dios El Macuelizo El Empalme
17 La Esperanza El Retiro El Sauce
18 El Porvenir El Rodeo Lomas del Suyate
19 Banco Los Corrales Quebrada Honda
20 El Molino Sabana Redonda Río Abajo or Playas
21 Plan Grande El Camalote

Source: compiled based on information from INE 2001

Health Infrastructure

The municipality of Valle de Ángeles has two public health centers, one hospital, and several private clinics. A significant percentage of the human settlements in the rural area are located more than four kilometers away from these health facilities. This, combined with the lack of road infrastructure, poses a challenge for accessing healthcare services.

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