Consular Tariff of Honduras

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Learn about the fees on Consular Services and Procedures established by the Honduran government for Honduran migrants around the world.

The Undersecretariat of Consular and Migratory Affairs announces to our nationals and individuals who require consular service in all the offices of our consular network, that the Regulation of Decree 263-2011 CONSULAR SERVICES AND CONSULAR PROTECTION ACTS, regulates charges for consular services as follows:

No.Consular ServiceCostCondition
01Passport for five (5) years at the Consular OfficeUS$ 60.00Active
02Passport for five (5) years in Mobile ConsulateUS$ 78.00Active
03Passport for ten (10) years at the Consular OfficeUS$ 75.00Active
04Passport for ten (10) years in Mobile ConsulateUS$ 97.50Active
05Issuance of safe conduct with photographyUS$ 10.00Active
06Residence applicationUS$ 150.00Active
07Signature registerUS$ 20.00Active
08By extension of additional certified copiesUS$ 10.00Active
09Simple Visa (VUCA Regulation)US$ 30.00Active
10Multiple Visa (VUCA Regulation)US$ 60.00Active
11Transit Visa (VUCA Regulation)US$ 30.00Active
12Documents traductionUS$ 30.00Active
13Birth Registration CertificationUS$ 25.00Active
14Death Registration CertificationUS$ 25.00Active
15Marriage Registration CertificationUS$ 25.00Active
16Divorce Registration CertificationUS$ 25.00Active
17Faith of lifeUS$ 25.00Active
18By granting a Special Power of AttorneyUS$ 200.00Active
19By granting a General Power of AttorneyUS$ 150.00Active
20By execution of an Open WillUS$ 100.00Active
21By execution of a Closed WillUS$ 150.00Active
22By authentication of signatures or documents (Authentic)US$ 60.00Active
23Power of AttorneyUS$ 50.00Active
24AffidavitUS$ 50.00Active
25AuthorizationsUS$ 50.00Active
26Various CertificationsUS$ 50.00Active
27For the granting of a Public DeedSegún TablaActive
Source Embassy of Honduras


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